Chicken Fajita Bowls: Weeknight-Easy, Weekend-Fancy


Weekends here on the Outer Banks are not the best time to go out to eat (unless you can find that rare unicorn of a restaurant that takes a reservation):  visitors, sick of reinventing leftovers and just wanting to forget about the fact that they have to go back home the next day, seek solace in our great local watering holes.  At least, that's how I always felt the night before leaving the beach, which is why I came down here one July day back in 2014 and never left.  Oh, how I used to mope and act like a toddler having a meltdown every time we headed west across the Wright Memorial Bridge!  I still do that a little when we leave the beach, but then I realize my cat is here so we'll be coming right back.  

Anyway, the local 'Teets (that's Harris Teeter to you out-of-towners) has these great pre-marinated chicken thighs that go on special every once in a while.  Now, here's the deal with me and chicken thighs: I love the flavor, but I hate handling them because they're weird and have fat on them (unlike my own thighs, ha!) and I end up going too crazy with trimming them.  The beauty of these is that they're already trimmed and marinated and all I have to do is dump them onto a hot grill and about 15 minutes later, they're done.  Can't beat that!  Even if your town isn't blessed with a 'Teets, I'm sure your local grocery has something similar in their meat department, so look and see!  If not, you can always buy one of those pouches of fajita marinade and use that.  

I probably mentioned before at some point that corn season is lit around here right now, so I'm always finding ways to add fresh corn in before it's too late.  Also, we're in peach season and boy, if you mix them with a few jalapeno slices and air-fry them, you should run for mayor of fancytown.  

If you're trying to be carb-mindful like I am (I mean, I'll still eat a carb here and there but I do try to pay slightly more than zero attention to them), the cauliflower rice mixed with some pepper jack just hits different and I highly recommend.  

If you want an easy way to eat all of your colors this week, dive into this one and let me know what you think in the comments!