Steakhouse Salad: It's What's for Dinner


DID YOU KNOW that I love meat on a salad?  It's true, and it's OK, because meat is what takes a salad from being something my college-aged self who only THOUGHT she was fat (insert 😂 here) ate and turns it into what it's meant to be, my friend:  A MEAL. (Editor's note:  are we even allowed to say "fat" anymore?  Is it fat-shaming if I'm talking about myself?  I probably should've consulted the rule book before posting...if you never hear from me again, you'll know I've been canceled before I even got started).  

Speaking of my younger self, I actually moved a huge box of clothes 200 miles from Blacksburg, VA to Richmond, then (10 years later, mind you) another 200 miles from Richmond to my current home on the Outer Banks and they were labeled "Clothes From the First Time I Thought I was Fat."  Good times.  I'm pretty sure a few generations of mice have raised their families in that box by now, or the contents have turned to dust.  

Man, I know how to go off on a tangent, don't I?  Where was I?  Oh, yeah--STEAK!  I made a salad with it and assume you'd probably like to know how I made it since you're here.  Well, here's a picture that I wish was better, but I've long since digested the salad, so....better luck next time?  Or, even better, you can make the salad and take a picture and send it to me!  (I'm trying to get better at delegating).  

                                                         I told you this wasn't a good picture.

I'll tell you right now, the picture doesn't do justice to how delicious this salad is--the peppery arugula balances with the sweetness of the burst tomatoes, and the richness of the steak, onions and mushrooms, then hit with the tangy blue cheese and balsamic?  I mean, come on.  

Here's how to make it!

Let me know what you think of this one!  Talk to you soon!

-Jodi Lynn


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